The mission of Infinite Recovery is to provide world-class treatment while honoring the dignity, worth, and uniqueness of all people recovering from the devastation of addiction.Those with experience in addiction know it is a maddening disease. While addiction is not a moral failure, it destroys our values and snares us in a cycle of selfishness and deceit. Yet those trapped in addiction often have underlying wounds that have never healed and experience a tremendous amount of shame and isolation.

Our experience has shown us that a “boot camp” style approach may address the former but only exacerbate the latter, leaving the individual with new resentments, fresh wounds, and an overwhelming desire to self-medicate. Yet well-meaning families and therapists have extended unconditional love and forgiveness in order to heal the inner wounds of an addict, only to be taken advantage of by the insidiousness of addiction: manipulation, deception, and relapse.

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