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From the time mankind developed the power of speech we have been telling stories. Thousands of years ago these stories bound a tribe together into a community of kindred spirits. Stories became the oral repository for the traditions, tragedies and triumphs of the tribe, carried down through generations to teach, to heal, to remember, and to honor those that had gone before. At HeartWater we have created a conscious community of passionate, kindred spirits designed to share our stories without judgment, to connect those that have been healed to those in desperate need of healing. We do not believe in kismet or coincidence. We believe you came to this page for a reason. Now that you are here tell us your story. Connect with others. Heal your injuries and help others to heal through the power of storytelling. Our words have power. Together we will break open the floodgates, quench the human spirit, and help the world to become a better, more connected place.